Projects and Clients

Sagrado Corazon University

Bio Nuclear Carolina, PR

Oriental Bank of Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico Finance Authority

International Restaurant Management Group

World Plaza - AFI

A significant number of condominiums and walk-up apartments throughout Puerto Rico

For a comprehensive list of our clients, pictures of our projects and company information, download the PDF file attachment by clicking the link below:

Our Services

Building Restoration, Painting and Waterproofing

Concrete repair services, replace defective or corroded concrete systems and restore structural function and integrity to all types of structures

Crack sealant and repair

Window/Door Glazing Repairs

Painting (All types) of building: High Rise - Small Rise

In J&F Group we offer a wide variety of different waterproofing solutions

J&F Group is high performance coatings certified, surface preparation of Concrete and Steel certified by Carboline Products


Sanitary, Potable, Pluvial Works. (Detention/Retention Storm Water (Storm Tech). Pumps

Air Conditioning System